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Bisou. concept


Located in between the very busy street Oberkampf and the famous district Le Marais, Bisou. is a unique cocktail bar with no menu!


Rose neon, flowers everywhere and a classical Parisian terrace, we will not give you a menu as we have none.


How does a cocktail bar go without a menu?

We let you express yourself and tell us what you want to drink. We will try to respond to your wishes and understand your tastes as we rely on our inspiration.


And what comes out of that?

The best drink you'll get to drink tonight :)


A unique approach to cocktails, tailored to your wishes and our inspiration.

Alcoholic cocktails: 14€

Non alcoholic cocktails: 9€

Craft beers: 8

Bisou. style

We're here to chat with you and find a cocktail that's right for you! No need to pick from a complicated menu, it's up to you to tell us what you feel like drinking.

Our team is composed of different personalities but gathered around the same passions: Service and creativity!

We know all about the 200 bottles behind us, we love to mix them in cocktails or reveal them in tasting.

Bottom line: no menu to give you and us more freedom!

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About us

Opened in 2017 by Nicolas Munoz, Bisou is an ambitious project! A cocktail bar with no menu is never seen in Paris.

And from here, Nicolas embarks on an adventure that will never cease to grow.

In Bisou, six years later, there is still no menu, no list of recipes which our bartenders secretly keep in mind. This is a 100% instant creation!

Today, we proudly have eight members on the team. Personalities from different horizons which allows us to position ourselves among the best cocktail bars in Paris.

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15 boulevard du temple
75003 Paris

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